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Where is my parcel?

Same-day deliveries, parcel tracking, flexible delivery options – customer expectations are growing as the e-commerce industry expands. The amount of data and the speed of information exchange necessary to meet their expectations place strains on their software providers

Locked content Uber invests in Polish start-up

Uber cofounder and CEO Travis Kalanick has announced that his company has invested in four European startups that made it to the final of the UberPitch contest in Berlin. Among them is HiProMine originating from Poland. “Being an entrepreneur is never easy — even the best ideas can struggle to get t...

The young and well-educated choose Uber

Uber’s users are young, well-educated and socially aware, a survey by IPSOS showed. The American “crowdsourced taxi service” is celebrating the first anniversary of its presence in Poland, a few months ago it entered Tri-City. Not surprisingly, the majority of Uber’s users (...

Poland to change regulation for Uber

Following the taxi drivers’ protests in Europe, Polish politicians are set to introduce regulations that would hinder Uber’s expansion and protect the domestic taxi drivers’ interests, Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza informed.

Locked content Uber enters Tri-City

The American firm Uber, a “crowdsourced taxi service” has chosen the Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot conurbation to become its third location in Poland. The company is starting operations in the Tri-City today, on June 25, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna daily reported. It is estimated that, Uber has around ...
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InPost to join hands with Uber?

CEO of InPost’s owner Rafał Brzoska said that he wants to create, jointly with Uber, a platform for rapid delivery of goods ordered on the internet. “Should we launch the service, it will be available in Warsaw and Kraków, the cities where Uber is already operating,” Raf...

Sharing is the new economy

To some, a sharing economy is a socialist’s promised land, to others it’s a return of the worst form of capitalism. Even though highly controversial, it has many supporters and it looks like it’s here to stay

Locked content Uber ridesharing app comes to Poland

US company Uber, which manages a so-called ridesharing mobile app, has launched services in Poland. The application is designed to connect passengers with car drivers, regardless of the permits they possess. The company says that its services are meant to be part of new trends in city development. U...