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WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP: Boardroom dancing

Despite having a head-start upon graduation, the number of women board members is still astoundingly small. Call it glass ceiling or sticky floor, women in Poland are less likely to get promoted beyond managerial level. And even if they do get to the top, their pay hardly ever reflects their positio...
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Strength and humility
Interview with Karolina Kaim, CEO of Tacit Development

WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP: Strength and humility

Being a woman in real estate is not necessarily a disadvantage. What matters more than stereotypes is the resolve and determination to achieve your goals. Karolina Kaim, CEO of Tacit Development, has been involved in premium real estate her whole life. Having created several major real estate enterp...
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Where are the female leaders?

WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP: Where are the female leaders?

Statistically, women in Poland are better educated than men. They can also boast highly developed soft skills. But there is still much work to be done on the equality of women and men in the labor market as there is a significant difference between the amount of men and women leaders. What’s more, e...
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More women in executive positions

Every fifth CEO in Poland was female in 2014, according to Bisnode Polska, a provider of business information. The number of women in executive positions increased to 33,600 in the last year from 29,500 in 2013.