Tamborski still without approval to helm WSE

Paweł TamborskiImage : Ministry of State Treasury

Paweł Tamborski, who was appointed by the Warsaw Stock Exchange management board to be its new CEO still did not receive the necessary approval of the financial market regulator KNF.

“The decision will be made by KNF at a later date, after gathering additional information and after additional analysis,” KNF spokesman Łukasz Dajnowicz said. The regulator met with Tamborski on Tuesday, but decided it needs more time to make its decision. The next sitting of KNF will take place on July 24, a day before the bourse EGM which must appoint Tamborski as its new CEO. It can’t make such decision without the KNF approval.

Tamborski is a former deputy treasury minister. If appointed, he will replace Adam Maciejewski as the WSE CEO.

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