TANCINCO: Key is hooking up schools with IT sector

The link between academia and business is one of the keys to a successful IT sector in Poland, says Cisco’s Ramon Tancinco:

“When I was the chair of the AMCHAM High Tech committee I sponsored a paper on the state of cooperation between academia and business, and one of the findings was that when the cooperation happens, it can be intense and productive but unfortunately, across Poland it is not systematic or pervasive. I believe companies often identify a need then seek out a university partner and the cooperation succeed or fails based on the personalities involved. I believe that the process needs to be more systematic and universities particularly need to see business as integral to both their success and the success of their students. Cisco has been extremely pleased with our collaboration with AGH University over the years and I definitely am eager to see that model expand, both for Cisco as well as for other firms.”

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