Tape scandal rocks political scene

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Interior Minister Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz
Image : Ministry of the Interior

Interior Minister Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz and National Bank of Poland President Marek Belka discussed the dismissal of Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski in July 2013, three months before he was actually let go, according to illegally made recording made public by the Wprost magazine.
The recording, part of which was published on the Wprost.pl website on Saturday, was made at a Warsaw restaurant last year. A second recording, involving former Transport Minister Sławomir Nowak, was made in February 2014.

Recording shows Interior Minister and head of NBP discussing the dismissal of the Finance Minister

The taped conversation features a discussion on Poland’s public finances. Sienkiewicz asks Belka if the NBP could help finance the country’s budget deficit as part of a plan to avoid an election victory from main opposition party Law and Justice. The central bank head demands that the finance minister be exchanged for a “technical one” and the law on the NBP modified.

In later statements, Sienkiewicz calls the Polish state “non-existent in practice.” He also lambastes the Polish Investments program and says that Poles don’t care one bit about the highways and football fields that the ruling Civic Platform likes to boast about.
Prime Minister Donald Tusk called the scandal an “unfortunate affair” via his Twitter account and declared he would make an official statement at a press conference on Monday afternoon.

Jacek Rostowski was replaced as finance minister by Mateusz Szczurek in November 2013, as part of a cabinet reshuffle. His dismissal was the subject of many rumors on the Polish political scene beforehand.

The revelations come only a few days after Mariusz Kamiński, the former head of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA), revealed information on how former President Aleksander Kwaśniewski and his wife avoided formal property ownership. The former presidential couple later issued a statement denying the claims and saying the CBA acted against them illegally.

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