TECH Gadgets to watch: The Magic Carpet

Polish company Funtronic, launched in 2014, is the producer and distributor of The Magic Carpet, an innovative teaching aid in the form of interactive projection system that can be used on the floor and on tables. The Magic Carpet incorporates a set of multimedia exercises, games and physical activities intended for working with school and preschool children, as well as the rehabilitation of adults and seniors.

The company already has clients in 18 European markets as well as in the US and the UAE. The Magic Carpet can already be found in over 5,000 institutions and public utilities. The device and the dedicated application package are designed for use in various places, e.g. nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools, therapy and rehabilitation centers, retirement homes, museums and fairgrounds, as well as playrooms.

Funtronic offers three multimedia sets: The Funtronic Edu Magic Carpet, The Funtronic Rew Magic Carpet and The Funtronic Fun Magic Carpet. The Funtronic Edu is primarily a teaching aid that enhances the effects of pre-school and school education. It offers a rich variety of games, scenarios and quizzes, supporting children’s psychophysical development. The Funtronic Rew is dedicated to disabled people (kids and the elderly) as an aid in their rehabilitation, aimed at improving their impaired development and intellectual functions. The Funtronic Fun is aimed at the youngest children – through entertainment it develops children’s motor skills, visual-motor integration, perceptiveness and speed of response and at the same time it trains memory and educates.

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