The 20th edition of the Belgian Days in Warsaw


Warsaw, November 19, 2018 — The 20th edition of the Belgian Days will take place on November 19–26 in Warsaw. As every year, the event organized by the Belgian Business Chamber, which comprises a number of business and cultural events, aims to strengthen good and friendly relations between Poland and Belgium. On the occasion of the official inauguration of the Belgian Days, the AEROSMURF airplane that belongs to Brussels Airlines has appeared today at the Warsaw Chopin Airport. The airplane immortalizes the iconic, blue creatures from Belgium — the Smurfs.

Belgian Days 2018 begin on Monday, November 19, after the first appearance of the exceptional airplane of Brussels Airlines in Poland at the Warsaw Chopin Airport. Airbus A320 named AEROSMURF is one of 5 machines of the carrier covered with pictures referring to Belgian icons. The airplane is fully dedicated to the beloved small, blue Smurfs. The world created by the cartoonist Peyo has been winning the hearts of children and adults for 60 years. The name AEROSMURF comes from the title of one of the comics about Smurfs telling the story of a small Smurf whose dream is to fly. Now, thanks to Brussels Airlines, Smurfs are flying around the world. For passengers traveling on this plane, the external design of the machine is just the beginning of an adventure. Little Smurf footsteps on the carpet lead the AEROSMURF guests to their seats, and a movie about the adventures of the blue creatures and adapted boarding music complete the Smurfs experience. The picture painted on the AEROSMURF is a design created by Marta Mascellani that won a competition conducted by the carrier. An interesting fact is that in addition to the 19 Smurfs, the picture on the airplane also includes two stowaways — Gargamel and Azrael, a treat for spotters, painted on the airplane’s belly.

A series of cultural and business meetings taking place as part of the Belgian Days is started by the culinary and networking event — “Tastes of Belgium”. This is a unique opportunity to taste Belgian specialties such as mussels, fries, Belgian chocolate and world-renowned beer brewed in Belgium. One of the attractions of the evening will be the culinary workshops led by a remarkable chef — Mikołaj Rey, loved by the viewers of MasterChef. What is more, the meeting will be held at the unique premises of Smolna 8 Studio with a fantastic panoramic view of Warsaw.

On Wednesday, November 21, the Construction and Real Estate Day will take place for the fourth time. The leitmotif of this year’s edition is the “Road to a successful business in Poland”. The goal of CRED is to encourage Belgian construction materials producers, as well as developers and architectural firms, to establish business relations with Polish entrepreneurs. A panel discussion will be held during the event, which will be attended by representatives of companies such as: BNP Paribas Real Estate, CFE, Immobel, Ghelamco, ILD and Reynaers Polska. The event will be concluded in SEN Warsaw where an open networking meeting will be held, with representatives of the Polish and Belgian construction and real estate markets.

The Wednesday celebration of the Belgian Days will be crowned with a festive Polish-Belgian concert organized in cooperation with the Bielecki Art Foundation and the Warsaw University of Technology. It is a part of the cycle of concerts called “Big Music in a Small Hall”. The concert will feature music pieces written by famous European composers: Janusz Bielecki, Carl Maria von Weber, August de Boeck, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Edvard Grieg. The musical compositions will be performed by the Beethoven Academy Orchestra, which is one of Poland’s leading symphony orchestras of the young generation, together with the clarinetist Eddy Vanoosthuyse, under the direction of the outstanding Flemish conductor Herman Engels. The concert will take place at the Warsaw University of Technology.

On Thursday, November 22, the annual CEO Forum will take place at the residence of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium, His Excellency Luc Jacobs. It is a meeting of high-level CEOs and representatives of Belgian and Polish companies. The goal of the event is to exchange knowledge, experience and good practices between entrepreneurs operating both on the Belgian and Polish markets. The meeting will be accompanied by the award ceremony of the Belgian Business Chamber Award 2018.

On Friday, November 23, the Startup Meeting will take place. It brings together members of the Belgian Business Chamber and startups operating on the Belgian and Polish markets. The idea behind this modern business meeting is to connect Belgian and Polish startups with international companies.

“I am very pleased that the Belgian Business Chamber has been bringing the business worlds of Poland and Belgium closer to each other for 26 years. This year’s program of the jubilee Belgian Days, abounding in a wide range of business, cultural and networking events, is an ideal opportunity for discussion, and a great way to share knowledge and experience, and have a good time. Belgian Days aim at strengthening good and friendly relations between both countries,” says Bruno Lambrecht, President of the Belgian Business Chamber.

Belgian Days will be crowned by a seminar on Brussels as the European capital of lobbying and arbitrage, organized by HUB Brussels and the Employers of Poland. Special guests include the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium, His Excellency Luc Jacobs, Dirk Demeulemeester, President of CEPANI (the Belgian Center for Arbitration and Mediation), and Philippe Vlaemminck from Pharumlegal Brussels. The meeting will be held on November 26 at the headquarters of the Employers of Poland.

As part of celebrating the Belgian Days, the Belgian Business Chamber also took the patronage over the Lean Strategies Conference, which will take place on November 20 at the Airport Hotel Okęcie in Warsaw.

Belgian Days 2018 are taking place under the Honorary Patronage of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium and the President of the Capital City of Warsaw.

Gold and silver sponsors of Belgian Days 2018 are: CFE Polska, Ghelamco, BGŻ BNP Paribas, Brussels Airlines and BPI.

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