The production circle – VI Innovative Manufacturing Forum


On 24 – 25 October at The Westin Warsaw, the VI Innovative Manufacturing Forum. As always, the event touched on the most current topics and solve any doubts which are being faced by small and large production companies. The innovative method of the Congress based on the round tables session and 34 experts as speakers brought people passionate and interested in modern manufacturing. Together with the simultaneous event about the energy market, the congress was attended by more than 600 participants across the two days.

The event started with a joint part between the Innovative Manufacturing Forum and the EuroPOWER Energy Conference. The inaugural opening of the congresses was presented by the Chairpeople of the Advisory Boards, Joanna Makowiecka-Gaca and Leszek Juchniewicz. Next up in the agenda was the Inaugural Debate by Rzeczpospolita was about Polish energy with Economy 4.0. Key experts from modern production and energy discussed topics such as the development of the Polish economy, the expansion of large production factories and the development of electro mobility.

The greatest asset of the VI Innovative Manufacturing is the interesting, innovative agenda. Thanks to concentrating on use cases and shorter, dynamic panels, participants had the opportunity to see how others solve problems which are being faced by the majority of production companies, not only in Poland. The end of each day was accompanied with a round table session, under the slogan „The production circle”. The sessions expanded the topics which were discussed by the speakers during panels. The expert conversation at the round tables was the perfect opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience , and also for interaction between participants of the congress and the table hosts. Getting to know many perspectives at once, expressing your own opinion, being able to get to know and interact with participants and new ideas which arise thanks to the group work are just a few of the reasons why participants of the Innovative Manufacturing Forum wanted to take part in the round tables session.

The first day of the Innovative Manufacturing Forum held the answer to the question: what triggers automation? During the event, the speakers debated on whether automation is a threat for the work market or whether or not the lack of employees is the driving force behind the development of automation and robotization in factories. There were many perspectives, a lot of substantive arguments and a handful of inspiration. W.P.I.P., who have been named twice as the Best Employer, also shared their knowledge. The second day had focused on automation, digitization and robotization. During the presentations, trends were chosen which have an influence on modern production in 4.0 companies.

Speakers of the VI Innovative Production Forum included:
Dorota Dębińska-Pokorska, Mateusz Amroziński, Wiesław Gorzelak, Adam Holewa, Marcin Jadczyk, Wojciech Klimek, Artur Zawadzki and Andrzej Soldaty.


The organizer of the event is MMC Poland.

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