The share of renewables in Poland’s energy mix drops – GUS

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According to data released by the Central Statistics Office GUS, at end-2016, the share of energy from renewable sources in final gross energy consumption in Poland in 2016 stood at 11.3 percent. That figure is lower than in 2013-2015.

Wind energy accounted for 55 percent of the renewable energy produced in Poland, followed by biomass (30 percent) hydroelectricity (9.4 percent), biogas (4.51 percent) and photovoltaics (0.54 percent).

Total renewables generation capacity increased to 7,902 MW from 6,930 MW in 2015. Of which 72.2 percent was wind farms, 12.3 percent hydroelectric plants, biofuels – 9.2 percent. Photovoltaic installations were responsible for 2.4 percent of renewable energy in Poland.

According to EU regulations, by 2020, 15 percent of the energy in  Poland should come from renewable sources.

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