The Smart City vision during VIII Smart City Forum


On 19 – 20 September 2018, the Smart City Forum, the most important congress dedicated to the functioning and development of smart cities in Poland took place. During the two days of debates and presentations, topics which were discussed included what residents expect and what can small companies and start-ups have to offer? All of these questions and more were answered at the autumn edition of the Smart City Forum. The Congress was attended by more than 500 participants and 60 speakers.

In the busy period of local government elections, representatives of Polish cities talked about their achievements, plans and visions of development. The official opening of the congress was presented by Maciej Bluj, Chairman of the Advisory Board, Deputy Mayor of the City of Wrocław, Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of the City of Poznań and Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of the City of Lublin.

The Smart City Forum agenda also had a new topic, which will probably turn into its own congress about the development of the real estate sector. The “PropTech in practice” block was about the cross-sector technologies which are changing the approach to research, renting buying and management of real estate.

The round tables session was an ideal occasion to exchange knowledge and experience and also to interact between Congress participants and Table Hosts. There were four sessions in this innovative method, which were provided by experts from the given area:

  • Charging stations – electromobility
  • City data management, security
  • Communication strategy with residents allowing the implementation of innovation
  • Zoning to facilitate for residents and tourists

Just like the event slogan indicates, during the two days, there have been discoveries about how to operate in a city, and that a Smart City is not only technology, but mostly means the quality of life and the feeling of happiness among the residents.

The success of the VIII Smart City Forum is thanks to the great experts who took part in the congress as speakers, including:  Beata Klimek, Wadim Tyszkiewicz, Tadeusz Krzakowski, Paweł Silbert,

Wiesław Raczyński, Bartosz Bartoszewicz, Szymon Chojnowski, Marcin Wojdat, Józef Grzegorz Kurek, Artur Tusiński, Grzegorz Skowroński, Wojciech Jeszka, Paweł Pisarczyk and Bartosz Ciepluch.

Partners of the VIII Smart City Forum

Strategic Partners: AMS, Asseco Data Systems S.A., Atende S.A.,Dell EMC, ATI Pionier, W.P.I.P., Visa.

Partners: Comtegra, PTV The Mind of Movement, KJOSK POLSKA, BIT Spółka Akcyjna, blinkee, Nokia, BWHS Bartkowiak Wojciechowski Hałupczak Springer, Gamfi, CallPage, Abak, ProfesCapital

Logistical Partner: mytaxi

We invite you to view the full photo gallery  of the VIII Smart City Forum.

The event was organised by MMC Poland.

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