The young and well-educated choose Uber

Uber’s users are young, well-educated and socially aware, a survey by IPSOS showed. The American “crowdsourced taxi service” is celebrating the first anniversary of its presence in Poland, a few months ago it entered Tri-City.
Not surprisingly, the majority of Uber’s users (90 percent) live in large Polish cities, the remainder are foreigners visiting Poland. Nearly 60 percent of them are aged below 30 and 67 percent of users have a university diploma. Over one third (39 percent) of the people surveyed said they are white collar workers, moreover 28 percent of them are managers.
Uber’s users are active citizens, 80 percent of them voted in this year’s presidential election and plan to take part in the upcoming parliamentary election.

What is interesting,  the most appealing aspect of the taxi service isn’t the competitive prices, but the transparency of the system, users pointed out.




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