Top 30 most viewed youtube videos and the future of streaming

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In the beginning of the month, Google released a statement saying that Psy’s Gangnam Style music video, broke the 2,147,483,647 youtube capacity. The limit exists since that is the most sustainable number that can be encoded by a 32-bit integrer number, said Google. Who would have guessed a video would ever reach almost one third of the world’s population in views?

by S. de la Presilla 

Despite rumors, Youtube did not break since according to Wired “When “Gangnam Style” hit 2 billion views back in May, a record at the time, Google’s engineers noted that it might also soon overflow the limits of a 32-bit integer. That fix was as simple as changing the memory space allotted to that data point from 32 bit to 64 bit, which is actually a relatively small change. It didn’t actually “break YouTube’s code” in any meaningful sense, let alone “break the Internet.””

Shortly after the announcement of this upgrade, Google released a chart of the 30 most viewed youtube videos as of December 2014:


What is stunning about these numbers, is the fact that 29 of the videos are all music clips. With the exception of “Charlie bit my finger – again!”, Youtube is predominantly an outlet for music these days. It comes to no surprise that Google launched a paid music service, that has some resemblance to spotify, mid-November.

With the rise of streaming and video services such as Youtube, Netflix (not coming to Poland anytime soon due to piracy, according to Variety) and Spotify, we are seeing an increase in demand for what the emerging online entertaining industry calls it: on demand. The fact that you can watch videos, movies and listen to your music when you want.

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