Top 8 Questions to ask a job interviewer (and yourself)

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So you got yourself an interview? You should expect to be asked substantial questions, and there is nothing wrong with practicing so you can make the best impression. It is no coincidence that “there is no second chance for first impression” is a common saying.

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According to Laura McMullen with US News & World Report: ”Questioning the interviewer is not only expected, it’s also an important piece to figuring out if you really want to work there”

Here is the list of questions provided by McMullen:

1) Ask the employer: How do employees develop and learn?

Of course you want to be provided with difficult tasks and have the chance to learn about the company. “Ask how the professional development and continued learning processes work at the company, and you’ll find out if they’re a priority there”, writes McMullen. The learning of how a company works should be something that does not stop, a job interviewer will expect you to know about the background of the firm not only during the interview.

2) Ask the employer: How do you evaluate performance?

This might come as obvious, but we do sometimes miss the obvious. You want to know how to boost your productivity, how your extra effort will be taken into account.

3) Ask yourself: Does the offer meet most of my needs?

If you are having a difficult time deciding on a job offer, make a list of your needs “everything from lifestyle needs to your career goals,” says Heather R. Huhman, founder and president of Come Recommended, as written in the article.

Making a list might also come as too simple, but you cannot always trust your mind. Have your needs and priorities straight. Once they are written, they exist.

4) Ask yourself: Is there an opportunity to expand my skills and experience?

Analyze the experience the job will provide you with. Sometimes people look at a certain job position as the endgame, while there is nothing wrong to have a set goal, always make sure that this will be an opportunity for you to improve yourself in any field you desire.

5) Ask the employer: Why is this position open and/or why did the predecessor leave?

This could be considered as trying to understand the context and background of the company. A clear sign that this position might not be ideal, is if the previous position holders have quit or been fired various times within the last years.

6) Ask the employer: What is the financial health of this company?

Joining a company that is coping with financial issues, might make the length of your time working there a lot shorter, says McMullen.

7) Ask yourself: Do I know very clearly what’s expected of me in this job?

As mentioned before, the best way to accomplish your goals is to have them set. Meeting the employers’ expectations is not always a simple task, that’s why “asking these questions will ensure that you have the skill set and qualifications to handle the job”

8) And last but not least, ask your employer if you could speak to a potential colleague in the department

Understanding the company’s culture is a major factor of the job. McMullen emphasizes on how one should try and get to know your possible coworkers in a more informal manner, since a job interview does not fully represent the dynamics of a firm.

For the original list, make sure you visit the full article.

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