Top court rules Constitutional Tribunal law unconstitutional

Image: Ministry of Justice
The Constitutional Tribunal, Poland’s top court, ruled on Thursday that certain provisions of the newest law on the Constitutional Tribunal passed by ruling Law and Justice (PiS) are not constitutional. The verdict is another stage in the on-going constitutional crisis, in which Poland has been since December 2015.
The court adjudicated that the clauses included in the law enabling four judges to block the verdicts of the court don’t meet constitutional requirements. The same applies to the provision forcing the court to
adjudicate cases in the chronological order they were submitted.

The new law was adopted after the amendments to the previous legislation caused international outcry and effectively paralyzed the tribunal. It was an attempt to break the stalemate in which the top court has been for months. Thursday’s verdict and earlier declarations by PiS chairman Jarosław Kaczyński that the ruling will not be published as the Tribunal “essentially do not respect the law,” mean that the crisis is far from being solved.

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