Town of 750 citizens will have club in T-Mobile Ekstraklasa

LKS Termalica Bruk-bet NiecieczaImage :

Football club Termalica Bruk-Bet Nieciecza won 2:0 against Pogoń Siedlce in the 33rd round of the 1st league and secured promotion to T-Mobile Ekstraklasa, Poland’s top-tier football competition. For the fist time in history, a football club from a town with such a small population (750 citizens) will play in the Poland’s elite league.

Coming from such a small town doesn’t seem to intimidate the club’s fans as one of their most popular chant goes: “We are from the countryside, but we are the best.”

Although the club was established in 1922, it only began to succeed in recent years after cobblestone producer Termalica became its main sponsor.

As Termalica’s stadium doesn’t fulfill the license requirements to host T-ME games, the club will play its matches in Kraków, leasing Hutnik Kraków’s field, until the Nieczecza stadium will be upgraded to meet Ekstraklasa standards

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