Trade deficit reached €5.1 in 2018 – GUS

In 2018, Poland exported €221 billion worth of goods and services (7 percent y/y growth), while imports amounted to €226.1 billion (up by 9.9 percent), according to data from the Central Statistics Office (GUS). This means that the trade deficit reached €5.1 billion. In 2017, Poland had €0.5 billion trade surplus.

As usual, Germany was Poland’s biggest trade partner amounting to €62.2 billion in exports and €50.6 billion imports. Czechia was the second biggest importer of Polish goods and services at €14.1 billion, while the UK bought €13.7 billion worth of products.

In the import category, Poland bought €26.2 billion worth of goods and services from China and €16.6 billion from Russia.

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