Turkey suggests way to circumvent Russian embargo

Poland exported some €21 billion worth of produce and foodstuffs in 2014 Image : Wikimedia

Yusuf Ziya, Turkey’s ambassador in Poland, has offered to help Poland minimize the effects of the embargo, reports Puls Biznesu. Russia does not want Polish goods? Then Turkey can reexport them there, he suggests.

“Because we do not produce pork, I proposed a while ago for Turkish meat producers to cooperate with Polish partners. Turkey does not have enough food to fill Russian needs, and we definitely do not have enough apples,” Ziya was quoted as saying.

Tomasz Solis, from the Polish Fruit Growers Association, approves this statement. “We are open for a cooperation with everybody, who proposes to fill the gap left after the Russian market,” he told the daily.

Witold Choiński, the leader of the Polish Meat association, does not believe this plan can be successful. “If it will be done officially, it is highly unlikely that Russians won’t react. If unofficially, Russia will surely be interested how Turkey produces pork meat. That is why reexport won’t be successful.”

The ambassador wishes, however, to encourage cooperation between Polish and Turkish companies on other markets, e.g. in Africa in sectors such as property development, textile production and security.

Polish products are already reexported by Belarus, mostly to the Kaliningrad exclave.

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