Tusk: all sides are at risk

Donald Tusk
Image : Maciej Śmiarowski/KPRM

People who are in possession of the incriminating recordings are seeking to undermine the authority of the state, said Tusk. Opposition parties who are calling for a vote of no confidence and a resignation of the PO government, need to weigh their words, as the illegal tapes may prove to be just as discrediting for any other political grouping, read a Gazeta Wyborcza report from Tusk’s address to the media.

Tusk is calling for an effort to identify the culprits who made the tapes, claiming that they are not acting in the public interest. He further stressed that their main aim is to attain benefit from compromising information secretly recorded during high-level private conversations between government officials.

No action will be taken against government officials tied up in the affair. Tusk is standing firm by his ministers and claiming that there is no need to dismiss anyone. He added, that repercussions of the private conversations may influence preferences of voters, but should not result in cabinet dismissals. “Such an action would easily decimate government cabinets all over Europe and the World,” said Tusk.

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