Tusk: Polish government weakens Poland’s reputation

Image : European Council President/Flickr

European Council President Donald Tusk said in an interview with Onet.pl that “the fussiness” of Polish government when it comes to appointing Tusk for the second term is “damaging to Poland’s reputation and might question the country’s dignity.”

“It’s not like Europe’s future depends on Tusk and my potential second term. Poland’s reputation is more at stake here. If a country has a representative in a top position in Europe and is picky about it, it can’t be treated seriously and that’s the problem,” Tusk said.

He added that his politics are not in line with the Polish government. “I really define Polish interests differently than Law and Justice (PiS) and I will tell you clearly: I think I define them better and more precisely,” Tusk explained.

“In 10 years, no one will care whether Tusk was appointed for a second term, or if PiS won or lost elections if it turns out that the EU has fallen and Poland is standing alone somewhere on its outskirts. No one will forgive us that,” he concluded.

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