Tusk testifies in counter-intelligence case. Calls it a witch-hunt

The European Council President Donald Tusk testified for the Polish prosecution as a witness in the case of two intelligence officials accused of improper dealings with Russia on Wednesday. The investigation is to establish if the two officials had all the necessary approvals, to establish cooperation with Russian intelligence, regarding withdrawal of Polish troops from Afghanistan.

The agreement concerned Polish forces transit through Russian territory. Tusk was Poland’s PM at that time.

Former Polish PM, called the case a “political witch-hunt” as he left the prosecution office after a nine hour-long hearing. “I’ve informed the prosecutor that my presence here is only because of the respect to the Polish state. I understand that we should explain all the issues in a civilized manner, but I’ve informed the prosecution that my post is protected by immunity,” Tusk said, explaining that he will use said immunity if he feels that the investigation is conducted in a way that it prevents him from doing his job as the European Council President.

His lawyer added that the testimony took so long, because the prosecution was writing it down by hand, a practice he “has not seen in twenty years.” After the hearing prosecution called it a “standard but necessary procedure” and that it doesn’t plan to summon Tusk again.

Tusk arrival in Warsaw turned into political happening as both supporters and opponents waited for him at the Warsaw Central train station.

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