Two MPs change their political affiliations

Anna Grodzka (left), John Godson (right)Image : Wikimedia/Polska Razem

John Godson, Poland’s first ever black MP, has been kicked out of the Poland Together political group, while Anna Grodzka has left the Your Move (Twój Ruch) party on Friday.

Godson, was given the pink slip, after he gave the ruling government a vote of confidence during this week’s vote. His group, founded by Jarosław Gowin, who quit the ruling Civic Platform, together with Godson last year, voted against the motion.

Godson explained that he supported PM Tusk and his cabinet because “that’s what Jesus would do,” meaning that he thinks that PM Tusk needs “support and prayer.”

He added, that he doesn’t plan to re-join Civic Platform and will be an independent MP for the remainder of his term.

Anna Grodzka, Poland’s first transgender MP, left the Your Move party to join the leftist Green grouping (Zieloni), she will be the party’s sole MP in Sejm. According to Grodzka, she wants to help establish a wide “democratic and left-wing.” Your Move founder, Janusz Palikot, said he supports this decision which will “expand Your Move activity into other liberal, leftist political entities.”

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