Two people arrested in the Wprost tape-scandal case

Image : KPRM/Flickr

Warsaw Prosecution Office arrested two people who they think might be responsible for illegally taping conversations of Polish politicians.

Prosecution spokeswoman Renata Mazur said that she can’t reveal their names. However, journalists claim that one of them is Marek F. (full name withheld as a result of Polish privacy laws), a businessman, owner of Składy Węgla, coal trading company. According to the media he was angry at the government for hurting his business and for that he was seeking revenge. The other arrested person has not yet been identified.

Prosecution also charged another person of making illegal recordings. Konrad N. a sommeiler in one of the restaurants were the wiretaps were placed turned himself in voluntarily. On Monday, police arrested Łukasz N., manager of VIP-room in Sowa and Przyjaciele restaurant were the bulk of the conversations among top Polish politicians were recorded.

Mazur said that besides two people charged and two arrested, prosecution secured several recording devices which might have been used by suspects to record politicians.

The tape scandal, publicized by Wprost weekly, involves several Polish ministers, including, MFA Radosław Sikorski, Treasury Minister Włodzimierz Karpiński and former FinMin Jacek Rostowski, as well as NBP head Marek Belka and CEO’s of a number of state-controlled companies. In private conversations they were discussing several political manners in very private manner. PM Donald Tusk said that the tapes might have been recorded and published to overthrow the ruling government.

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