Unemployment levels to stay put in 2016 – Rafalska

Unemployment levels in Poland will remain at current levels – at least until the end of the year – Polish Minister for Labour Elżbieta Rafalska said in an interview with RMF radio on Tuesday. At the end of October of this year, the rate stood at 8.2 percent. And although the government doesn’t expect the rate to drop anytime soon (the draft budget for next year reportedly allows for a rate of 8.9 percent at the end of 2017), Rafalska was positive in her comments. “Current unemployment will remain at that [8.2 percent] level. What is strange is…[the rate was steady] in spite of seasonal work falling off,” she said.

The Ministry of Labour emphasized that the registered unemployment rate in October was the lowest since reliable records began in 1991. Unemployment levels in Poland have been falling steadily since 2013, according to both Eurostat and Poland’s Central Statistical Office. Both count unemployed as those adults among the economically active population, without work, who have been seeking work within the four weeks prior to the rate calculation.

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