Ursus discuss business opportunities in… Syria

Image : shutterstock

A Syrian economic delegation, headed by assistant Minister of Industry Nidal Fallouh, on Monday discussed with Director General of Pol-Mot Holding, an owner of tractor producer Ursus, Andrzej Zarajczyk regarding the prospects of cooperation in the field of agrarian production, investment, alternative energy and construction equipment, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) informed.

Fallouh pointed out the need for the Polish company to help rehabilitate the tractor factory in Aleppo which was destroyed and other factories in different Syrian regions.

He affirmed that the industrial cities in the safe areas are witnessing excellent production movement in light of the current conditions, hoping the Polish side would be an important partner in the reconstruction process in Syria and an investor in the Syrian market.

Pol-Mot Board of Directors, for their part, welcomed the Syrian delegation visit to Poland; showing readiness to cooperate with the Syrian side in the said domains and meet the Syrian local market needs to enhance agriculture and industry in general.

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