US patent office initially rejects Google’s application on ANS coding

Image : Shutterstock

The patent office in the USA initially rejected an application submitted by Google, which concerned a solution by Ph.D. Jarosław Duda, an employee and lecturer of the Jagiellonian University (UJ). A year ago the scholar together with UJ demanded the withdrawal of Google’s application.

Google Polska spokesman Adam Malczak, when asked about Google’s intentions regarding the initial decision of the office, replied: “We are getting familiar with this decision.” He also stressed that Google had already declared it would like the possible patent to be available on “open rules”. Duda concluded it would mean that coding would be free in Google programs, but not in the competing software in case of the so-called “open rules” mentioned by Google.

The IT environment, including EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and FSE (Free Software Foundation), criticizes Google’s patent application of ANS coding.

ANS coding allows data compression in computers and other electronic devices. Currently, it is used among others in Apple, Facebook, Google, and Linux products. “Virtually all computer and phone users in the world use this Polish method now,” Duda declared.

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