Value of foreign investment projects up by EUR 1.3 bln y/y 

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) is currently running 179 foreign investment projects worth EUR 7.2 billion. A year ago in July, the value amounted to EUR 5.9 billion.

Electromobility, the tire and automotive sectors are the industries where the value of investments is the largest. This is respectively: EUR 2.77 billion, EUR 890 million and EUR 847.9 million.

Both in production and service investments, PAIH expects a further increase in the level of quality and the level of technological advancement of projects. “Increasingly, the implementation of the so-called 4.0+ industry in production processes is being discussed, for example, we talk a lot to investors from Germany,” stressed PAIH Vice President Krzysztof Senger.

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