VI Congress of Innovative Economy and Globe Forum ANSWER THE FUTURE!

Warsaw June 9-10 2015
Main lecture hall of Warsaw University of Technology

Every breakthrough idea facing exceptional people. Visionaries who have broken the status quo and changed the way of thinking of entire communities. In today’s world, where it is the uniqueness of the key success indicators, the key is to combine forces, knowledge and experience in order to create new quality and innovative solutions.

Globe Forum’s main mission is to work with the challenges, within which are solved real problems with the development of industry, the public sector or infrastructure. The mission of the National Chamber of Commerce since its inception is to work to support innovation and increase the competitiveness of Polish enterprises. The two organizations close to the idea of economic growth based on social capital. Searching for new solutions, ideas and inventions together form a support system for innovation! Thus, companies strengthen their cooperation with the world of science. At the same time putting himself the task of improving the innovation ecosystem ease market entry innovators. The Congress of Innovative Economy and Globe Forum join the forces to come together to respond to challenges of the future. Join in. ANSWER THE FUTURE! Under the motto 9 and 10 June, the Warsaw University of Technology, will be held VI edition of the Innovative Economy Congress for the first time combined with the Globe Forum. During the two days we expect both distinguished guests from politics, science, business and the media.

The first day of the Congress and the Globe Forum will be dedicated to the theme of cultural reform in Poland, which will lead to social change – in the perspective of 20, 30 and 40 years. The report, prepared by a team ( .: ed. Edwin Bendyk, Janusz Czapiński, Przemyslaw Czapliński, Anna Giza-Poleszczuk, Robert Barberry, Jaroslaw Makowski, Radoslaw Markowski, Prof. Miroslaw Marody, Elizabeth Mączyńska, Andrzej Olechowski and Jacek Santorski) representing different disciplines, edited by Jacek Zakowski has to be an analysis of the facts, the presentation of “brakes” in particular areas (including schools and science, economy, political system and social system) and submit a plan of corrective action.

We planned discussions, meetings and workshops. While Congress and the Globe Forum will be held a series of panels dedicated to the innovation ecosystem development opportunities:
• the use of EU Funds in the context of the development of industries with high growth potential / EU Funds – Focus on New Horizons
• Path of development based on innovation and knowledge as the only leading to the successful development of the country / R Open Innovation – Changing Generations; Innovations in Poland – Guidelines for Development; IP: From the Intellectual Property Product Properties
• The analysis of case studies and trends of the future / Crowd Sourcing & Crowd Funding; Digital Disruption in Poland
• Presentation success stories / Business Angels & Venture Capitals
• The challenge of innovation / Digital Cities 2.0; Innovations in the infrastructure; Mobile banking; Adobe Bridge
The special guest of the first day of the event will be Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Janusz Piechocinski.

The second day of the Congress and the Globe Forum is not just a discussion on the opportunities and threats of the Polish economy, but strong international accent – Polish-Taiwan Business Forum. Special guests will Shih-Chao Cho, Vice Minister of the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, Andrew Dycha, Deputy Minister of the Ministry and Fred PC Huang, Vice Chairman Michael Lin cuts and President of the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

The participants of the Congress, as part of the Polish-Taiwanese business forum will have the opportunity to B2B meetings as well as listen to a plenary discussion with representatives of Taiwanese companies that address financing for Taiwan.

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