VIII Smart City Forum – Discover the city anew!


Electric cars, and even more… sharing autonomic cars. If we add integrated transfer nodes, travelling will be quick, smooth and almost without our participation! Cashless payments and the vision of a modern intermodal transport system. Sounds like a scenario from a science fiction, right? Maybe it’s just the topics which will be discussed during one of the panels of the VIII Smart City Forum. On 19-20 September 2018 at the Sheraton Warsaw Hotel, there will be a travel to the city of the future, safe and comfortable for residents, taking advantage of the newest technological solutions. It will be a fascinating and substantive expedition, on which we will take the representatives of companies dealing with the most modern technologies and representatives of government and local government administration – you only have to join it, so as not to be left behind.

The direction of Smart Cities

According to the IESE Cities in Motion Index 2017 report, only two Polish cities qualified to the top hundred Smart Cities of the world. What should be done so that more cities could be part of the competition for first place? We should start from the definition of Smart City, which assumes that the use of modern technologies is to improve the quality of life in all areas. However, it’s worth thinking about how the residents understand the term “improving the quality of life”. Innovative investments are important, but should the consumers be asked what is the purpose of the technology for them? Maybe then we will reach the goal of wise and clever but also useful cities. A good place to discuss this topic is the Smart City Forum. This is where the most modern technologies meet with tradition, modern and innovative thinking on how to develop our cities and towns respecting their traditions, history, identity and all that really represents the good energy of every city, and therefore respecting our residents because everything that we do – we do for the residents, said Beata Klimek, Mayor of Ostrów Wielkopolski.

Not only the capital

 Green, modern, friendly Warsaw. Electronic tickets on public transportation, electric buses and modern trams, a city-wide public bicycle system, numerous free hotspots, 220 squares, 80 parks, 8000 hectares of forests – 40% of the city is green, modern monitoring, more than 400 city cameras and more than 1000 completed projects as part of the social participation budget. We take examples from the best: Toronto, Paris, Tel Aviv, London and Berlin, for example. At the Smart City Forum we will be sharing the newest knowledge, examples of innovative solutions and methods of gaining funds for them – all thanks to the presence of the biggest experts of the sector. It is also a challenge to find a way to implement these solutions to smaller cities which are, after all, the majority. We would like the words “smart city” to not only be a phrase, but a real idea which we will be able to incorporate into future life said Kamil Szydłowski, Regional Cooperation Coordinator, InnoEnergy

During the 7th edition of the Smart City Forum, 36 excellent speakers who shared their knowledge during 6 topic blocks gained an audience of more than 600 participants interested in the topic of Smart City. The autumn edition also promises to be at a high level. There will be plenty of topics including low emissions, intermodal transport, zoning and important questions regarding the development of Smart Cities, and responsible for the substantive preparation is the Deputy Mayor of the City of Wrocław – Maciej Bluj.

The congress is realized within the operations of the MMC Poland Group, organizing prestigious conferences, workshops and business training in Poland dedicated to specialists, managers and management boards.

More information about the Smart City Forum can be found on the official congress website: and social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

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