Warsaw chapter of NewFinance, largest global Fintech community debuts this November

Warsaw, as a first in this part of Europe and 5th global location will be hosting financial technology community. During Inaugural meeting of Warsaw chapter that takes place November the 5th, financial institutions professionals, Fintech investors and start-ups will be presented with global concept of Fintech industry, global ambitions as well as leverage this opportunity to present their ideas and solution to the global scene.

Fast changing business environment, market competition and high customers demand for new functionalities solutions puts a high pressure on banking and financial sector to redefine their services and deliver innovation. Market is pushing for mobility, global network social media as well as big data and bulletproof security. In order to be competitive Banks, Insurers and other financial institutions must stay on the edge of innovative financial technologies that are changing the traditional service models. According to the Global Financial Centres Index Warsaw is on the 68 position in terms of competitiveness within world’s financial centres. The leaders are big financial hubs like New York, London and Honk Kong. There is an opportunity to improve Warsaw rank – NewFinance monthly meetings series aiming to activate and integrate polish financial technology and innovation community, that will starts November the 5th. At the same time, there is a difference between the ranking of financial centres in the old world and opportunities to gain advantage in the new digital world, Poland has a good reputation for software development and can move up the scale by developing new finance companies, the new world resets the playing field and is open to all to compete

New Finance meeting gather together companies and individuals involved in designing and delivering solution that changes the face of the financial world we know. NewFinance ecosystem combines 3000 professionals in 5 global locations: London, San Francisco, New York, Paris and now also Warsaw.

Edide George, founder and head of global NewFinance groups, Fintech professional with 25 years experience in banking and insurance, will hold inaugural meeting. Eddie for the last few years is building and integrating Fintech environment, analysing and discussing market trends and allowing big and small companies to promote their ideas and products on the global scene. The formula of the conference is very simple: bring together start-ups, financial institutions (banks, insurers, capital markets) and investors. Warsaw has been chosen as a next chapter as a one of the largest metropolis in central Eastern Europe with big investment potential. According to Edide George:

“Virtually all Fintech Entrepreneurs have global ambitions and so the NewFinance Network must establish communities in all the key global locations to provide connections and access to resources to its Members, Warsaw is a key player and will be joining our wider community this month. This will provide Polish Fintech Entrepreneurs with access to London, New York, San Francisco and Paris and the many other Chapters that are planned for 2015”

First inaugural event will have organizational context. Agenda includes the following points:

  1. An introduction to NewFinance
  2. I Open Bank Project, Bank as a platform. The Open Bank Project is an open source API and App store for banks that empowers financial institutions to securely and rapidly enhances their digital offerings using an ecosystem of 3rd party applications and services.
  3. Open Discussion – The Polish Fintech scene, NewFinance Chapter objectives and programme of work


Inaugural meeting will take place on the 5th of November 6PM in Business Link Warsaw (ul. Mokotowska 1, Zebra Tower building).

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