Warsaw Chopin Airport wants to ban night flights

Image : LOT Polish Airlines

Warsaw Chopin Airport is proposing to ban all takeoffs and landing between 23.30-5.30 in order to limit noise levels, the airport said. The ban, if implemented, would come into force on March 25,  next year.

“The proposed changes will definitely increase the comfort of the local residents’ sleep while preserving the capacity of our airport” Marketing Director of the airport, Hubert Wojciechowski said.

Excluded from the ban would be military, rescue, and top government official flights, as well as those delayed.

According to the airport’s management such solutions, called ‘core night’ have been successfully implemented in many biggest European airports.

The potential ban would mostly affect charter and Wizz Air routes, as the low-cost carrier has 14 flights in its current schedule with landings and takeoffs during the proposed core night.

The proposal is currently being discussed with the airlines, and the decision on whether to implement it lays in the Polish Civil Aviation Authority hands.

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