Warsaw the key player in Financial Technology

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, hosted the first meeting of NewFinance. During this event, representatives of financial institutions, investors and companies, who are innovators in FinTech sector, have been discussing the development process of using technology in financial services. It was the first such of an events in Central and Eastern Europe.

After London, New York, San Francisco and Paris, Warsaw become the next city supporting Fintech market development. Things, that we do with money: secure, borrow, invest or spend – have not changed much over the centuries, but guests of the meeting came to the conclusion that the way we interact with financial institutions has undergone a transformation.

Standard an legacy banking services has to be redefined in order to address market demand for innovation and changing role of the Bank. Customers are pushing for functional flexibility, tailor made services and bullet proof security together with transparency and combining financial and non-financial value added services. Financial markets are entering new areas like alternative currencies, social lending/trading, mobile payments changing the way how both individual and business clients are interacting with Banks – Krzysztof Pulkiewicz, NewFinance Warsaw chapter organiser and CTO at Atsora.

Participants of the meeting discussed the problems encountered by young companies and the future of Web and Technology Startups creating products for the financial industry. Also, the representative of German start-up TESOBE Open Bank told guests about an open platform for developers, that allows financial institutions from around the world safely and quickly implement innovate solutions for offering services. At the end, all guests had a debate and everyone can say their opinions and present their proposals.

The role of meetings in the series NewFinance also stressed Eddie George, founder and head of global NewFinance groups, FinTech professional with over 25 years of experience in banking and insurance industry. Eddie for the last few years is building and integrating FinTech environment, analyzing and discussing market trends and allowing big and small companies to promote their ideas and products on the global scene.

NewFinance is a way to leverage the power of community of experts being a part of this finance “game changing” trends. It combines financial institutions representatives, technology companies, startups and investors and industry experts – Eddie George.

New finance meeting gather together companies and individuals involved in design and delivering solution that changes the face of the financial world we know. NewFinance ecosystems combines 3000 professionals in 5 global locations: London, San Francisco, New York, Paris and now also Warsaw. The formula of the conference was very simple and based on confronted three groups: financial institutions (f.ex. Banks, Insurance Companies, Capital Markets) , investors and young tech companies – startups .


First inaugural NewFinance Warsaw meeting took place on 5 November 2014 at the Business Link in Warsaw. The next meeting is planned for early December . Link to event :


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