Warsaw to once again host the international conference on arbitration in M&A transactions

On 28 and 29 May, the third iteration of the Dispute Resolution in M&A / JV Transactions conference will be held in Warsaw, attracting some of the world’s leading lawyers and experts specialising in arbitration in merger and acquisition transactions and in joint ventures. The 2015 event, organised by the Arbitration Court of Lewiatan, is the only one of this scale and degree of specialisation in our part of Europe. Since its inception in 2010, the conference has become an established bi-annual event whose participants analyse the latest challenges and define the latest trends in their discipline. Marc Blessing, Julian Lew, and Mark Kantor were only some of the past participants who brought unique contributions and perspectives to the proceedings.

This year’s conference promises to be equally interesting. The lectures will focus on dispute tactics, on defensive measures, and on the challenges facing M&A arbitration. In what has already become a tradition, the conference will open with a discussion of arbitration hot topics and current events. The subsequent panel debates will concentrate on issues of evidence in arbitration proceedings and on practical issues posed by ADR. These will be enriched with studies of actual M&A/JV cases from Polish and international law firms. The second day of the conference will comprise a series of round tables devoted to specific issues from arbitration theory and practice.

As in previous years, the speakers will be renowned arbitration practitioners from Poland and around the world. The conference programme also includes events honouring the 50-year arbitration practice of Prof. Jerzy Rajski and the presentation of the “Liber Amicorum” dedicated to him.

The conference is addressed to everybody with an interest in M&A/ JV transactions and in resolution of disputes in this area and, more broadly, in arbitration. For details, please visit www.arbitrationcourt.org.pl .


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