Waszczykowski accuses EU of fraud. Later retracts

Image: wikipedia

Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski claimed in an interview with TVN24, that the election process for the reappointment of Donald Tusk as the European Council President was “faked” and that decision could be contested. “ We have expertise today telling us Tusk was elected in a way which can be questioned, on the level of European law,” Waszczykowski said.

He claimed that there was no formal vote, which according to him is mandatory.“It is a second term. There is no such thing as renewing the mandate. Article 15 clearly states: A vote will be held for a second term, that is a majority vote.”

But after a number of government officials said that even though they do not support the EU decision they don’t see any legal basis to challenge it, Waszczykowski changed his mind. He claimed that he was only quoting a press article, where a professor of law gave his interpretation. “Scientists are convincing us that this choice was wrong,” he said referring to the election process. He explained that there is however no political will to challenge the decision.




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