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Seoul-Warsaw connections

WBJ talked with H.E. Sung-joo Choi, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Poland, about the present international tensions in the region caused by the country’s neighbor’s nuclear program, the chances of unifying the two Koreas, the economic status of his country and bilateral relations between Kor...

Desk for hire

Even if you can do most of your work from a home office or a café, you still need a place to hold meetings, meet clients, often also a quiet place where you can take a business call or do creative work. Nowadays, the number of options to choose from is greater than ever. The office-sharing trend is ...
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War on cash

It appears that the future will belong to electronic pulses, rather than clinking coins and rustling banknotes. The convenience and speed of cashless transactions will have its price in the form of increased control and lack of anonymity. The catchy slogan used by officials: “Paperless, cashless Pol...
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Pizza stories

There’s a new player in the pizza business on the Polish market. And it’s the internationally recognized Louisville-based Papa John’s that over 33 years since its inception has grown into a 5,000-strong restaurant chain present in 44 countries. WBJ talked to Chris Wynne, co-owner and general directo...
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Know thy client

The scenario where you get an ad on your mobile, research the brand online and then buy the shoes at the mall is becoming increasingly common. Omnichannel is more than something to just make shopping easier and more fun. Collecting as much information about your client as possible and combining diff...
Image : Agnieszka KaraśThe No44-branded, fully furnished apartments are now available for long-term rental.

No44 luxury long-term rental apartments now available in Warsaw

Investor Catella Real Estate has recently launched its luxury rental service in the iconic Złota 44 residential skyscraper in downtown Warsaw. On offer are a total of 72 No44-branded apartments located on nine full floors of the tower, sized from 57 sqm to 218 sqm and available in three different fu...
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Scouring the web

100 milliseconds is not a lot of time, yet that is how long an auction for an advertising spot takes. With big data analytics, advertisers no longer have to choose randomly which spots to bid for. And as many examples show, intuition can be flawed: if you want to sell men’s deodorant, don’t advertis...

Challenges vs. opportunities

With historically low unemployment, employers are hard pressed to find the talent they need. Not only do they have to use innovative candidate-sourcing techniques, but they should also pay more attention to employer branding and increasing employee loyalty. Which industries are facing the biggest ta...