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Warsaw Business Journal Observer brings readers the stories, companies, personalities and successes that are driving Poland forward and creating the Polish market. Poland’s leading English-language business information monthly. Independent, apolitical, authoritative. To subscribe please contact Magdalena Czopur +48 22 257 75 00 ext. 245.

Logistics for the DIY industry must work perfectly

Logistics services associated with deliveries to Do-It-Yourself stores are not a simple task. Everything must run like clockwork to get the product on the shelf and make it available to the final customer as soon as possible. The challenge becomes even more complicated when it comes to international...

Goodbye and good luck

After being a member of the European Union for 43 years, the United Kingdom has decided that it would be better off on its own. WBJ Observer investigates how the unprecedented move by the British will impact Poland

What’s blocking the cloud?

While Polish firms produce some of the best cloud-based apps, the country’s own SMEs are reluctant to adopt cloud solutions. Customization costs, legacy software, and regulations are some of the factors that are preventing cloud solutions from spreading in Poland

Do statisticians know the future?

Given the history of errors in predicting voting outcomes we have witnessed over the decades, you might think there is no way of really knowing what the future holds. How does the era of easily available data affect the methods and results of predicting future outcomes?

Catering to SMEs

WBJ Observer talked to Yuval Ben-Ari, head of Park Projects Group, about the company’s latest endeavor and its new office project – Park Avenue

Beyond sales

WBJ Observer sat down with Karolina Kaim, president of the board of Tacit Investment, the investor behind the Cosmopolitan residential tower, to talk about the luxury residential market in Poland, its size, potential and the difficult decisions an investor has to make when delivering a prestige prod...

Millennials – Hope for BPO

As the shortage of skilled employees becomes more acute, employers look for solutions to attract the younger generation, or even replace it