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Warsaw Business Journal Observer brings readers the stories, companies, personalities and successes that are driving Poland forward and creating the Polish market. Poland’s leading English-language business information monthly. Independent, apolitical, authoritative. To subscribe please contact Magdalena Czopur +48 22 257 75 00 ext. 245.

Beyond Sales

WBJ Observer sat down with Karolina Kaim, president of the board of Tacit Investment, the investor behind the Cosmopolitan residential tower, to talk about the luxury residential market in Poland, its size, potential and the difficult decisions an investor has to make when delivering a prestige prod...

Demanding and prudent

The past decade of residential development has seen a boom, a crash and a rather strong and rapid recovery. WBJ Observer asked Radosław Bieliński, press officer of Dom Development, where the market is now compared to 10 years ago

Best season yet

After a sudden growth spurt in 2012 and the subsequent slowdown, the hotel market in Poland is now gaining momentum, fueled by both business and tourism. Safety threats in Western Europe are also boosting the country’s attractiveness

A viable alternative

Student housing, senior centers and other alternative asset classes seem to have a great future in Poland

The Green Wheels Craze

With rising fuel prices and concern for the environment on the up, the global automotive industry is undergoing a truly green tech innovation. While plug-in hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular among European fleet operators, the hype that drives the Polish fleet sector is not as green as i...

One click away

Summer is upon us and everyone is planning their holidays. Each new year brings a host of reasons to choose a particular destination. According to a KPMG report, Poles spent about PLN 20.2 billion in total on vacations last year, and this year the figure will rise to PLN 31.9 billion. But only a por...