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Warsaw Business Journal Observer brings readers the stories, companies, personalities and successes that are driving Poland forward and creating the Polish market. Poland’s leading English-language business information monthly. Independent, apolitical, authoritative. To subscribe please contact Magdalena Czopur +48 22 257 75 00 ext. 245.

Back to the Fruits

Poland’s organic food industry is coming into its own. Inspiration abounds, oftentimes coming out of the woodwork in the most unexpected forms. One entrepreneurial duo has started a company that has an international flavor, yet is deeply rooted in the local landscape

On the path to consolidation

Poland is known to be the regional leader in mergers, acquisitions and stock exchange deals. Though the market has slowed down in the past years, recent activity suggests that we are back on the way towards growth

The mean and green shopping extreme

With the advent of technologies such as automated meter reading and LED lighting, malls are at last becoming places where you can shop without sullying your conscience

Evolve or die

With rapidly changing consumer habits, retailers are hard-pressed to keep up. They are introducing new retail formats, integrating virtual with traditional – they will try anything to bring retail closer to the customer and stay on the competitive edge

Where opportunities abound

Poland’s retail map is still far from saturated. There are a number of niches that have yet to be filled in cities with less than 100,000 inhabitants, as well as in major agglomerations. They are up for the taking for those who understand the risks involved and the changes that retail is undergoing...

Choosing the right size

Most Polish agglomerations are saturated with retail space. For a few years now developers have been filling niches in ever smaller cities. Not only are they facing the question of where to locate, but also what to build

The power of festivals

Cities in Poland increasingly rely on marketing tools borrowed from business. Promoting their heritage, culture and identity requires ever more strategic and innovative aproaches