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Prepped and ready

Tomasz Siemoniak, Minister of Defense, talks with WBJ Observer about Poland’s military at a time of crisis in ukraine and aggressive movements of Russia

To know or not to know

Some say it empowers people and democratizes data. Companies can’t wait to tap its seemingly endless potential. Still, there are quite a few naysayers who point to the potential threats of big data – not only to our privacy, but more importantly, to social relations and stability

The Polish wallet – mainly empty and full of holes

Seneca once wrote, “It is too late to spare when you reach the dregs of the cask.” This also goes for the finances of Polish households. They want to save, and even know they should, but they’re just unable to do so

Munich Expo takeaways

Poland is still first on the list for investors looking at CEE. While the Warsaw office market faces a shortage of prime product for sale, regional office markets are gaining traction. The retail segment still offers niches in some areas and a wealth of opportunity in repositioning. Logistics is as ...

Back to the Fruits

Poland’s organic food industry is coming into its own. Inspiration abounds, oftentimes coming out of the woodwork in the most unexpected forms. One entrepreneurial duo has started a company that has an international flavor, yet is deeply rooted in the local landscape

On the path to consolidation

Poland is known to be the regional leader in mergers, acquisitions and stock exchange deals. Though the market has slowed down in the past years, recent activity suggests that we are back on the way towards growth

The mean and green shopping extreme

With the advent of technologies such as automated meter reading and LED lighting, malls are at last becoming places where you can shop without sullying your conscience

Evolve or die

With rapidly changing consumer habits, retailers are hard-pressed to keep up. They are introducing new retail formats, integrating virtual with traditional – they will try anything to bring retail closer to the customer and stay on the competitive edge