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The spam to end all spam

MAY 25, 2018 will forever be the day that people got the most spam, ever. It all started a few days earlier but came to a head on the last Friday of May, when we started receiving dozens upon dozens of emails informing us in a variety of shapes and forms about the new data protection laws, known by ...

Residential market overheating

Apartment prices are soaring at the highest rate since 2007. How long can the demand continue? Developers seem to be aware that the growth is bound to slow down, as they have already started curbing their construction plans

Trading up through trade school

In Poland, a junior programmer in their first job can count on a salary of PLN 2,500-PLN 4,000. That’s more than a specialist with up to three-five years of experience makes in most other industries. A senior coder with 10+ years of practice makes five or six times that. There are few industries wit...

Reclaiming your own data

We all understood that companies were feeding on our data. Millennials, who grew up playing Gameboy between classes, surfing for hours on the newborn web, and Generation Z, falling asleep with smartphones shining in their callow eyes. Deep inside we all knew what was going on, yet we failed to act. ...

Struggle for impartiality

The political turmoil surrounding the judicial system is not just a matter for European debate on principles. How does the issue of judicial independence affect regular people? WBJ asked Poland’s Ombudsman, Adam Bodnar, how his job has changed in the current political climate, what problems regular ...

Redefining energy

Our reliance on fossil fuels may be difficult to overcome and has thus far met with a lot of resistance. But change is happening: growing power consumption, increasing awareness of the smog problem and environmental regulations will inevitably make coal and oil energy less attractive, both economica...

Brave new world of blockchain

Blockchain is taking the world by storm. New innovative solutions are announced every week. But for a layman the technology remains little more than a buzzword, with more questions surrounding it that actual answers. Can blockchain really change the world as we know it and where will we see it in ac...

Cutting out the middle man

Blockchain is already making a mark on the financial industry, and even though its effects will be hidden from end-consumers, it will no doubt revolutionize a lot of industries. WBJ talked to Paweł Kuskowski, CEO of Coinfirm, about the applications of blockchain and the future of cryptocurrencies