Web image management is a profitable investment

Patrycja Gołos, Image: UPC Poland

Patrycja Gołos, manager for corporate matters and public policy at UPC Poland

The internet emphasises the most fascinating side of our everyday life. In the web – as in real life – we can meet people, buy, sell, sightsee, play, earn, lose and make our dreams come true. Whoever had entered this world once, has also created an image of himself – visible to others. The Internet mirrors our motives, desires and informal rules of interaction that make up the images of our lives. Communicating through social media we build an image of ourselves, which then is visible to 2 billion users – almost a third of the Earth’s population – participating

in this space.The web is an amazing tool that lets us form our identity, by leading it and all its connections in a desired direction. This extensive reality is susceptible to our influence if we are only willing and able to take matters into our own hands. What do we want to accomplish? Who do we want to reach? What do we want to present when we create a profile on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Dowe present ourselves in aconsistent and competent way – by being ourselves or pretending to be someone else? Consistency and authenticity of what we say, what we write about our private lives e.g. on a blog means a lot and is easy to verify. The Internet hardly ever forgets what we post comes back at the least expected moment. At the beginning of 2015, 1.7billion people – that’s 85 percent of all social media users – published and commented on digital content using mobile devices. Every move we make in the web leaves a mark – re-traceable at any time, any place. That’s how we create our own unique mosaic, an image of our true selves, our internet personality. We believe that taking on the question of privacy in the internet obligates us to speak not only about the risks of being present in the web. Consistent and mindful management of one’s private and business image is a profitable investment for the future and provides privacy protection

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