What is the direction of development of the Polish cities in the XXI century?


New investment, increasing needs of the inhabitants, social and economic changes-XXI century witnessed a series of changes explicitly visible in the context of dynamically shifting agglomerations. During the Real Estate Congress-Developer’s Days, which will be held on the 7th and 8th of October in Wrocław, reputable experts will express their views on this matter, covering among others such topics as development of residential sector in Poland. The main organizer of the event is the Polish Association of Development Companies, whilst the National Bank of Poland, Western Business Chamber and Centennial Hall.

Demographic processes are inexorable- more and more Poles tend to move into the cities. There are a lot of talks about smart cities, possibilities and quality of work and about cities which become the new Countries. Little is said about the quality and standard of life in the new urban fabric. This will be the main topic of the Real Estate Congress-Developer’s Days which is the most important event for the real estate sector in Poland. Directions of changes and development of the construction market, issues with the funding of the infrastructure of the residential housing, co-financing program for the purchasers of new properties, challenges faced by development companies and persons purchasing flats, perspectives for changes-are just a few topics on which this year’s edition of the Congress will focus. The discussion will be participated by the representatives of the public sector, among others, by the government representative-former Prime Minister Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, representative of the Office of the President, Secretary of State Olgierd Dziekoński, financial market experts-such as Ryszard Petru, chairman of the Polish Association of the Economists, as well as developers, architects, analytics, bank officers and journalists.

Many areas of the Polish residential market have their weak sides. Research and analysis indicate a visible deficit of flats, while actions supporting the purchasers and flat tenants are necessary, new tools are required by the credit market, linked to the residential one, in the context of an increasing availability of mortgages.

-Various state programmes of residential market support are too weak to become a real flywheel of the “real estate property”. Many aspects related to the real property market ought to be covered in order to improve the residential property situation of the Polish people. Real Estate Congress-Developer’s Days have been created to fulfill this objective-according to Grzegorz Kiełpsz, chairman of the Polish Association of Development Companies.

-We should bear in mind that each development investment generates not only New work places but also a demand for finishing materials, equipment, furniture and lots of other things. Each built up housing estate leads to communes gaining more inhabitants and subsequently generating revenues, at least on account of the chargeable property tax. We do however notice the problem of abandoning the city centers by the inhabitants and moving to the outlying areas. This situation must be fought against, however, the price of property is usually the determinative factor-the purchasers of flats select the place for which they will pay less. This topic will also be discussed during this year’s edition of the Congress-says Grzegorz Kiełpsz.

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