Wild: Keeping Warsaw airport ‘antisocial and anti-developmental’

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The idea to maintain an airport so close to Warsaw’s city center is anti-social and anti-developmental, because it restricts the city’s development, said Mikołaj Wild, the government proxy for the construction of the Central Airport, which is set to be built between Warsaw and Łódź. Wild responded to the words of Rafał Trzaskowski, the opposition’s candidate for the mayor of Warsaw, who asserted that closing the Chopin Airport in Warsaw’s Okęcie would “lead to enormous problems for Warsaw, wasting an opportunity for the capital’s development, business and tourism.”

“Law and Justice (PiS) is planning on closing the Okęcie Airport causing enormous problems for two millions of Varsovians and hundreds of thousands of people who live in the metropolitan area. It is a highly controversial idea based on a sheer pipe dream of building a new airport in the middle of nowhere, based on calculations that make no sense,” Trzaskowski said.

According to Wild, the Chopin airport is reaching its capacity and is already exposing 285,000 people living in its vicinity to noise pollution and other inconveniences. He also noted that the airport is surrounded by a network of roads which make it impossible for the airport to grow beyond its current limits.

On Thursday night, the Sejm passed a bill that would allow the construction of the Central Airport to commence. Upon the completion of the first stage, the new airport would have the capacity to service 45 million passengers annually, with the goal being 100 million. It is set to cover 3,000 hectares. Preparation work is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019 and the airport is to be built by the end of 2027.

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