World business trends at the INSIDE TRENDS conference


How will new technologies change the world of business, science and medicine in years to come?

The answer to this question is very complex. Trying to do so will not only let us indentify the upcoming changes in key sectors, it will also help us to prepare ourselves in the best possible way. During the Inside Trends Conference held on the 18th and 19th of October 2018 in the Warsaw’s Koneser Praskie Center the world most interesting current trends will be discussed by the extraordinary experts from all around the world including Kevin Mitnick – the world’s best known hacker.

 Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS conference will be divided into three theme zones: FINTECH, LIFE SCIENCE and BUSINESS 4.0. During these two days almost 1000 media, science, marketing and business representatives will listen to the speeches and attend the debates as well as workshops with the speakers including Kevin Mitnick, the world’s best known hacker and the author of the books: “The Art of Artifice” and “The Art of Infiltration”. He himself has proven on many occasions that he is able to foresee the actions of other people and he can perfectly identify the upcoming changes in his area of business.

Him and other experts – the innovators who set up new directions in the development of their business, we all will get a chance to listen to during Inside Trends. The event will host such great speakers as  Thomas Krogh Jensen, the Managing Director of Copenhagen FinTech,  the organization which is planning to create a fintech hub for the finance sector in the Danish capital. Another very extraordinary speaker is Atanas Raykov,  Business Development CIS & CEE Business Development  Director in Viber, the company which offers the world known communicator.

Professor Felix Oberholzer-Gee from Harvard Business School  where his responsibilities include business strategies, especially for media sector, has also confirmed his attendance.

Their speeches will be a great starting point for discussions and interesting conclusions.

 Nowadays almost every business sector has to cope with fast development of technology. The media and advertising market has already undergone its transformation, yet another one and still much bigger change is about to take place. This time it will be connected with growing popularity with voice interfaces, widened reality and big data. The way in which we develop our marketing strategy has already changed a lot, yet there are many things we have to learn says Jovan Protic, COO RAS Polska. – Blockchain technology, crypto-currencies, artificial intelligence will change the financial sector forever. Medical diagnosis is currently undergoing transformation and will continue to use technological solutions to a bigger extend. We will be treated with medications matching our genotype. These are only a few of upcoming changes. INSIDE TRENDS stands for real information and advice which can be followed on next couple of years and which will help us adjust our strategy for future.

Knowledge, competences, assumptions

The main subject of the conference are the trends, although the vent will be very diversified – mostly thanks to its guests. Other speakers who have confirmed their attendance are: Andreas Gall who has been in charge of technology and innovations in Red Bull Media House for over a decade, Laurenti Arnault, CEO of WT Vox, the company which supports fashion innovations by using the technology of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, Edyta Kocyk, Businesswoman of the Year 2014

In two categories, the cofounder and  CEO of SiDLY, the technological company that created the tele-care system based on the usage of their own tele-medical band called  SiDLY Care; Wojciech Radomski, CEO and the founder of  StethoMe™,  the first electronic stethoscope in the world which controls the health condition of the respiratory system;  Maciej (Matt) Szurek – founder and  CMO of RemmedVR, the company which is currently working on using the virtual reality in medicine;

Łukasz Dyląg, founder and CEO of VoicePIN, the company working on the technology of speech recognition as used in business.  Anja Rubik, the supermodel and the representative of the media industry has also confirmed het participation in the conference. Anja has worked for the biggest fashion designers and the biggest fashion brands in the world. She will tell about her experience in the fashion world and how she uses her popularity and is involved actively in the development of sexual education and pro-ecological attitude.

Worth waiting for

Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS is an event which will discuss the global market trends. During the conference the world class experts will try to foresee what will dominate the world in next two and three years. INSIDE TRENDS aim to be one of the most important events discussing business trends in the Central and Eastern European region. the conference is organized by Business Insider Polska, the second largest platform in the BI portfolio (USA being Number 1) in terms of its size and reach. It is estimated that about 1000 business, marketing, science and media representatives will participate in the Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS conference.

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