Written in Lipstick’s 9th “Businesswoman of the Year” Awards

The Written with Lipstick Foundation for Success held their 9th annual “Businesswoman of the Year” awards at the Senator building in Warsaw on Thursday, March 1st. This competition has grown significantly in popularity for nearly a decade, aving received a record number of over 260 applications this year.

Awards were distributed in nine different categories. Barbara Sobala, Vice President of the Management Board of Citi Handlow, won “Corporation Leader”. Katarzyna Kolmetz from POLIPACK earned the “My Business” award, while Sara Koślińska from Limitless won “Startup of the Year”. Joanna Uszok, founder of PETSI the Dog’s Out Fun, won the “Business Idea” award. Co-founder and president of Warsaw Genomics Annie Wójcicka won “Woman in New Technologies”. The newest award, “Male Champion of Change” was split three ways between Robert Biedroń, Sławomir S. Sikora, and Sebastian Drzewiecki. Artist Katarzyna Kozyra  won the “Grand Prix for Women in Art” award for her work over the span of 25 years. Lastly, Inspirational blogger Anna Lewandowska won “Influenceer of the Year”, an award decided by receiving a majority vote in an online poll.

Written in Lipstick is the largest community of female entrepreneurs in Poland, co-founded by Olga Kozierowska and Olga Zarachowicz. Their mission is to provide women in business with comprehensive support,  motivation to take bold actions, and the knowledge necessary to facilitate personal and professional development. The awards are meant to bring attention to female success on a national scale and to create a network of female business connections,  in hopes of helping strengthen the role of women in Poland’s growing economy and beyond.

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