WYD concluded with mass attended by 1.5 mln worshippers

Image: Wikimedia

Concluding his five day visit to Poland, Pope Francis celebrated a mass on Sunday in Brzegi near Kraków attended by around 1.5 million pilgrims from Poland and all over the world, during which he called for the young to get off the couch and do something meaningful.

“For many people it is easier and better to have drowsy and dull kids who confuse happiness with a sofa.”

“Dear young people, we didn’t come into the world to vegetate … we came for another reason: to leave a mark.”

Pope Francis appealed to those who “believe in a new humanity, one that rejects hatred between peoples, one that refuses to see borders as barriers,” not to be discouraged.

He called negativity a “virus infecting and blocking everything” and said young people must not forget about God in a world of unlimited information.

The Pope, who arrived in Poland for the World Youth Day, announced on Sunday that the next location of the catholic youth gathering will be Panama in 2019.

Flying back to Rome on Sunday night he was asked by reporters why he has never used the word “Islam” when denouncing terrorist attacks.

Francis said he thinks “it’s not right to identify Islam with violence.”

“If I speak of Islamic violence, I must speak of Catholic violence . . . and no, not all Muslims are violent, not all Catholics are violent. It is like a fruit salad; there’s everything. There are violent persons of this religion… this is true: I believe that in pretty much every religion there is always a small group of fundamentalists.”

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