XV National Forum of Labour Law

The fifteenth edition of the National Forum of Labour Law will take place on 3rd December 2014. The theme of the Forum will be an amendment to the Labour Code in terms of employment contracts. An important part of the Forum will be a panel discussion with representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the State Labour Inspectorate, experts, trade unions and employers, lawyers, and experts in the field of labor law.

In October 2014, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy presented the long-awaited draft amendment to the Labour Code. The changes are designed to reduce unauthorized use of temporary agreements. Particularly important are situations in which, instead of fixed-term contracts should be concluded contract of indefinite duration. Otherwise it can occur that employees with different employment contracts in terms of the periods of notice will be treated differently than they should be.

The draft stipulates that the Labour Code will operate three types of employment contracts, ie. Employment contract for a trial period, for a specified period and for an indefinite period, with particular specify the specifics of the employment contract for a trial period. The period of employment under a contract of employment for a specified period and the total period of employment on the basis of such agreements between the same parties of the employment relationship, cannot exceed 33 months, and the total number of these agreements will not be allowed to exceed three. The day after the expiration of 33 months, or after the conclusion of the fourth contract, the employee would be treated as employed under a contract of indefinite duration.

More details at website: www.forumprawapracy.seka.pl

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