You are the Company and Your car is Your fleet!


When we hear: company, leasing, hire, VAT, company car, deductions, monthly payment, interest rate or car fleet we often think – well, this is not for me. What kind of company am I if I only have three cars. It is a mistake. Three cars in a company are at least three reasons to visit our Fleet Market Fairs.

We don’t especially like to economize because that means denying ourselves something we want. But economizing and clever expense planning are two different things. During the fairs, you will find out how not to economize but how to cleverly plan expenses related to cars but not only the ones working for the company.

During all day long debate which will take place simultaneously with the exhibition, experts and, what is important, professionals will tell you about car management, how to calculate, finance, insure and lastly who to sell them to so it would bring benefits to you.

Management of tens, hundreds and sometimes even thousands cars does not differ almost at all from management of a couple of cars, apart from scale effect. Fleet manager, a person responsible in the company for company cars, takes care, first of all, to ensure company’s mobility and second of all, to keep company cars from generating unnecessary costs. They are true professionals and that is why, it is worth making use of their knowledge. Tax and law advisors will advise how to efficiently spent and account for the expenses related to a company car, when we can deduct 100% and when it does not make any financial sense. In what situations we should declare full company use and when mixed. When we have to sell the car with an invoice, when depreciation finishes, and when we can resell it so we can drive it later again. You will find answers for these questions for sure during our Fair.

Besides the part devoted to the subject matter and the possibility to meet professionals, the exhibition is undoubtedly the main reason to visit Fleet Market Fair.  For sure, not a lot of you have the time to spend walking around dealers and comparing different models. It’s a mundane and easy process. Especially when you run own business and the phone keeps on ringing. Even if we devote time and decide on the make, we still have to choose a model. Sedan or estate? What kind of engine? What options? Again, even if we manage to answer these questions, the next will arise: is it the cheapest dealer? Maybe the next door dealer will charge me less? How much do I have to wait for the car? Is the insurance offered the best, or maybe I should look for a cheaper one, do I take full coverage or without motor hull insurance? Is it better to pay cash, even though leasing is tempting but then what to do with the car afterwards? And if I choose to lease then what kind of leasing should I have: financial or operational? And where to take it?

Please believe me, this is only a small part of dilemmas that come with company cars. The answers to all these and many, many more will be given to you when you visit Fleet Market Fairs.

Almost all automotive importers will participate in our Fairs and will show their newest models. That is why, if you decide to devote one day to visit Expocenter EXPO XXI in Warsaw, you will truly get one huge multi-car showroom. Wandering from stall to stall, you find just in front of you different bar models, but also experts who will tell you about the cars, about their prices. It is one and only opportunity to not only see the cars but, at once, compare many various offers. No matter if you look for a delivery van, a little city car or a limo, you will definitely find it among over one hundred cars. Instead of traveling from dealer to dealer, it is enough to walk a couple of meters, with a cup of good coffee, and from Renault’s showroom we enter Volkswagen’s showroom and further Skoda’s, Toyota’s, BMW’s, Opel’s, Jaguar’s, Ford’s or Mazda’s. It is the only chance to see new delivery van from Hyundai, Talisman -Laguna’s successor, new Astra or the newest BMW7. Not only to see but configure at once, negotiate and maybe even buy.

Fleet Market means cars but not only. The offer of financing company will be also widely presented. Lease and long-term hire companies. We can find out that we can hire only three cars for the company not worrying about their resell. We will also learn how to cleverly and cheaply insure our vehicles, where to service them, what tires to buy and why fuel cards are such great solution. The representatives of monitoring and new technologies industries will be available for those who like to know where their employees are. And all of that in relaxed, business atmosphere.

Visit our Fair for free and give yourself the comfort of optimal choice.

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