Zdrofit clubs in two EPP malls

The Zdrofit fitness club chain, which belongs to the Benefit group, is among the latest tenants to have leased space at the Galeria Echo shopping center in Kielce and the Wzorcownia shopping center in Włocławek, both of which are owned by real estate investor EPP. Zdrofit will occupy almost 1,900 sqm and more than 1,700 sqm at the malls respectively. At the end of last year, the chain comprised 17 fitness clubs, mostly located in the Warsaw agglomeration. In 2018, Zdrofit – which is to enter a number of the locations formerly occupied by Pure Jatomi clubs – is planning a host of new openings in Poland’s regional cities. The Galeria Echo and Wzorcownia openings are the first step of the expansion. The Kielce and Włocławek shopping centers offer 71,600 sqm and 80,000 sqm of leasable space, and were last year visited by over ten million and more than four million clients respectively.

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