Żubrówka on its way to podium

Image : CEDC

Polish Żubrówka will make it into the top three of world’s largest vodka brands, Puls Biznesu daily reported citing Monzer Elabrashy, the CEO at Central European Distribution Corporation (CEDC) which owns Polmos Białystok, the producer of Żubrówka.

Elabrashy told the daily that by the end of the year, only Smirnoff and Absolut will be ahead of Żubrówka.

The Polish brand was placed sixth in the latest The Millionaires’ Club, ranking of the biggest selling brands in the global spirits industry.

In 2010, 1.2 million 9-litre cases of Żubrówka were sold, whereas in 2014, the figure stood at 5.2 million.

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