17:09 17 May 2020
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Poland most homophobic in EU, shows index

Poland most homophobic in EU, shows index
Source: PeakPX

After three years of hugging the penultimate spot in terms of LGBTI+ equality and rights, Poland’s rank has plummeted to the absolute bottom in the European Union, according to the latest ILGA-Europe index, with a score of 16 percent.

While Malta (89 percent) tops the ranking for the fifth year in a row, Azerbaijan (2.3) is at the opposite end of the spectrum. Belgium and Luxembourg (both 73 percent), Denmark and Norway (both 68 percent) and Spain (67 percent) follow Malta in the list. Turkey (3.8 percent), Armenia (7.5 percent), Russia (10 percent) are above Azerbaijan, states the index.

Since 2009, ILGA-Europe has compiled an annual Rainbow Map ranking of 49 countries in Europe based on each country’s commitment to LGBTI+ equality and rights. In the ranking, each country is assigned a percentage point based on its standing in six key areas: equality and non-discrimination, family, hate crime and hate speech, legal gender recognition and bodily integrity, civil society space and asylum.

ILGA-Europe states on their website that they are “working towards equality and human rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people in Europe and Central Asia.”

(DGP, ILGA Europe, Pink News)

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