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60% of family businesses see their situation as good

Nearly 60 percent of family businesses in Poland expect that in the coming year their economic situation will be good or very good, KPMG report showed. In whole Europe, 73 percent of respondents expressed such an opinion. More than 30 percent of Polish firms recorded in 2018 better financial results...

McDonald’s tests paper straws in Poland

McDonald’s started testing paper straws on a dozen markets including Poland.  Plastic straws, because of their small size, are difficult to segregate and recycle. “This is one of the aspects of wider disposable packaging topic, on which we focus as part of the Scale For Good strategy, &#...

Every forth city-dweller in Poland tried carsharing

More than one-third of Poles (34 percent) from big cities are familiar with carsharing services, according to a research company ARC Rynek i Opinia. Among them, one out of four already has experience with the service, and almost half (45 percent) plan to try it.

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